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Natural Wood Window Bird Feeder for Outside

  • Original design: Our hanging bird feeder adopt a rectangular design . The original design with two cup holder could accommodate more food and attract various wild birds. While the rope of the bird feeder makes it easy to hang in your courtyard and balcony. Furthermore, the hummingbird feeder is eco-friendly that all its materials ensure no environmental harm in the life cycle.
  • Attract a variety of American birds: Bright color on the bird feeder catch the sights of various birds easily such as hummingbirds, orioles, finches, and fruits on the hook with jelly in the cups could keep these birds stay longer. The rectangular design of our bird feeder could accommodate various birds at the same time, making a beautiful courtyard.
  • Outdoors and Indoors: Made of natural wood steel, sturdy and durable, a long service life. The two glass cups are sturdy enough to resist severe weather and have large capacity to feed various birds. Except for outdoor uses, our hanging bird feeder can be applied in the balcony and parlour for pet breeding and home decoration with its bright color and unique appearance.
  • Fast clean and fill: The detachable glass cup design makes it easy and fast to clean the wild bird feeder. Furthermore the clearance of two cups provide a broad view for you to add the food in time.
  • nstructions: The assembly of our bird feeder is very simple, and there are few parts required, just two ropes, a main frame of the bird feeder, two glasses, and a hook. Pass the ropes into the round holes of the bird feeder one by one, tie a knot in each round hole to prevent sliding, and finally tie the two ropes, put the cups in them, and hang them with hooks. We have provided you with detailed instructions to help you assmble a perfect bird feeder.