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Professional Farrier Chaps,Heavy Duty Farrier Apron

  • Industrial waxed canvas: Made of Strong, durable and cotton based with 12Ann waxes treated waterproof canvas. These fabrics stay flexible at cold temperatures with waterproof.
  • Strong leather: High-grade durable leather is used on our apron. Both canvas and leather are known for their strength, putting the two together can only make a product that is built to stand up to hard wear, and will last and last.
  • Considerate 3 pockets and Mangetic nail holder: Two convenient tool knife pockets are within your reach (just in the legs of the apron). Besides, there is a strong canvas pocket sewn at the waist, which is prepared for your mobile phones or small items and a magnetic nail tab for fast getting nails or steel tool.
  • Four layers designed for comfort, durability and shock absorption: This apron is total four layers----Geniune leather, canvas, inner foam and back lining, which can protect your legs from being scratched by your horse's hoove, also from being stabbed by sharp blades. If you happen to be kicked, it can even cushion a little bit blow.
  • One size fits allpeople, Adjustable waistband and buckles from YKK make the apron more versatile. It can fit waists from 25” to 50”(63.5 to 127 cm) and it is fantastically easy to put on and take off.