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14 Inches Horse Hoof File

  • Horseshoe Rasp Material: The horseshoe rasp is made of premium carbon steel material,high hardness,wear resistance,durable for long time use and not easy to break.Each horseshoe rasp is sharpened to remove excess hooves easily and quickly.
  • Double-Sided File Design: The horseshoe file adopts double-sided file design. The coarse tooth file side can easily and quickly remove excess hoofs.The side of the fine tooth can grind the hoof simply and quickly.It can trim the hoof more quickly and effectively, which is convenient for your work.
  • Rasp Side Tooth: The horseshoe file is also designed with side file teeth, and the concentrated grain can effectively trim the hoof shape and smooth the shoe surface.
  • Easy to carry:The horseshoe file is attached with a leather cover, which can protect the file,reduce the damage to the hand of the file and trim the hoof more quickly and effectively.
  • Widely Use: The horseshoe file can be widely used in a variety of medium-sized animals, such as horses,cattle,sheep and donkeys.It can also repair wooden furniture.