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Horse Feed Bag

  • A BEST FRIEND HORSE FEED BAG-A nose bag is just what it sounds like a bag that is placed over a horse or mule's nose. This bag is used for horses feeding grain, pelletized feeds, powders, pills or other supplements, etc. Perfect for trails riding, camping or other times a feed bag is needed. No longer worried about competing with other horses for food. The feed rite bag eliminates food waste due to sloppy eating, bullying and head tossing.
  • HEAVY DUTY TESLIN HORSE FEED BAG-These mesh bags truly have strong construction. Wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant textilene mesh, solid bottom with nylon tape reinforced stitching. Your horse won't have trouble breathing. Neither 2 horses can tear it apart.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN HORSE HAY BAG-Teslin mesh is a fabric that is easier to clean than oxford cloth. It's easy to clean with a brush. Mesh bags unlike canvas counterpart has better breathability, the horse can easily breath while eating and any dust in the feed will sift out through the mesh sides. Comfortable to use.
  • ADJUSTABLE POLE STRAP SUITS FOR MORE HORSES-Quick and convenient to put on&off. Widen padded top strap with elastic straps on two sides that stretches to increase your horse's comfort while they're eating earnestly. Don't let your horse have streak.
  • DIMENSION-Small: The width of the bag is 8.3" and the length is 7", suitable for mini horses and pony; Large: The width of the bag is 10.8" and the length is 11", suitable for adult horses, Arab, Draft, Quarter, Warmblood, etc.