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Horse Hay Bag

  • Durable material: The horse hay bag is made of dragon dance cloth, super stitched, durable, not easy to wear, and easy to clean. Leather trim increases safety.
  • Large capacity:The horse feeding hay bag size is 29.5*19.3*11.9 inches, which can hold 16b hay.
  • Hay hole design: The size of the round hole is 8 inches. It can slow down the feeding speed of the horse, prevent the swallowing of too much food or air at the same time, and improve the overall digestive function of the horse.
  • Mesh design: Super-strong nylon thread lining is used on both sides of the feeding bag to ventilate and keep the hay dry.
  • Application: Hay bag is the choice of farm sheep, donkey, cattle or other livestock. It can be hung indoors, outdoors, trees, pastures, corrals, etc.