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9 Kids Egg Apron

  • The kids egg collection apron is made from polyester cotton blended fabric. Soft, strong, lightweight and hard wearing, great for kids. Machine wash with like colors. Do not bleach or tumble dry.
  • The full size of a child's egg gathering apron is 18 inches wide×13 inches height with 38 inches long tie on each side. There are a total of 10 deep pockets to holding eggs. The capacity of the egg apron is 10-20 eggs.
  • This is an egg apron that frees children's hands. The basket becomes another simple form to be tied around the child's waist. It not only prevents multiple eggs from being broken together, but also allows the child to free up hands for small things like feeding the chickens.
  • Multiple reinforced stitching is used at the bottom of the pockets for eggs, which is exquisite in workmanship. An elastic band is used at the mouth of each egg bag. Make sure that hense eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs don't roll out easily after you put them in.
  • This children's egg apron uses a print from the same series as the kids apron. Rich in color and can be loved by children. In addition to collecting and gathering eggs, you can also collect cute small things by the apron, like strawberry or other little fragile things need collectable.